Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Summer Drinking

Summer is on us in Melbourne and on a hot sunny day a nice cold beer goes down a treat. But unfortunately those nasty carbs and sugars in a beer aren't helping with maintaining a body fit for summer - so what are the alternatives? If you're short on time a Riesling can be a great change, Tim Adams and Pikes are good value quaffs.

But what i've been getting into lately is the cleaner, fresher and more simpler taste of an old classic mixed drink of - Vodka Soda & Lime (on a whole lot of ice). The cals are much lower than the old coldie, and it's just as enjoyable smashing these down sitting around with mates - and lets face it, much more hipster and cool.

How I like to drink these are to get a short glass, flil it to the brim with ice, throw in 1.5 shots of grey goose vodka, the juice & rind of of 1/8th Lime and top the rest up with some Schweppes soda.

Try it out as an alternative if you're worried about your summer waistline expanding!
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