Monday, 24 January 2011

Grossi Florentino, Melbourne

So we ate here in August 2010, but it’s still worth sharing the night out.

It’s the one place in Melbourne where you can dress like King Henry IV or Elizabeth I and not feel out of place. Venetian breeches and daggar sleeves would be so in amongst the Renaissance charm in Guy Grossi’s upstairs restaurant. It is the “occasion” venue with a great ambience that’s punctuated by roaring renditions of happy birthday from the waiters, men on bended knees and opulent food to occasionally match.

Amuse Bouche: Smoked Salmon Pate

Lobster, Buffalo Mozzarella, Marinated Yolk “Cracco”, Basil Seeds, Caviar, Tomato Butter: sweet medallion of lobster with a sticky marinated yolk that’s the texture and colour of blue and yellow play-doh. Believe it or the lightest disk of the night.

Sardines ‘Pangrattato’, Crab, Speck, Watermelon, Balsamic, Tomato Sorbet

Pine Needle Smoked Quail, Jamon, Fregola (pasta), Agresto (verjuice based sauce) Pine Nut Oil, Toasted Pine Nuts

Risotto ‘Venere’: could have been a creamy black rice red bean pudding but for the parmesan sabayon and chunk of morton bay bug. My pick of the night.

Glenloth Pigeon – Breast and Leg Ravoli, Black Cabbage, Cardamom and Liquorice Powder, Beetroot, Cous Cous

Wagyu Rump Cap, Pickled Veal tongue, Shallot and Potato “Saltate”, Fennel and Rosemary Praline, Salsa Verde

Buffalo Ricotta slice, Pumpkin, 30 year old Balsamic, Amaretto crisp, Amerena Cherries, Roast Quince

Valrhora Chocolate Souffle, Malt ice cream, Chocolate Sauce

Petit Fours

It’s classical fine dining that’s well and truly stuck in the old world. You won’t see the peaks and troughs in flavours like more contemporary competitors… you’re hit with richness that gets richer. Though given the price tag, it’s an experience this glutton can only afford once.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? 80 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC
What? Five courses $140, Eight Courses $195
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