Thursday, 21 January 2010

Barbagallo Trattoria E Pizzeria, Melbourne

The mere fact that people seem more than happy to eat in quarters close enough to start picking on your neighbour’s plate say something about this pizzeria. And what better way to attract the masses than combining all the fine things Melbournian love, dim light, a wine bar, casual bentwoods, a quirky renaissance painting or two and an open kitchen pumping out quality Italian.

Their gnocchi with gorgonzola pillows of potato smothered in the rich cream cheese the type of dish you’d have no trouble sleeping in but for the temperature. A great selection of baked bread plates to choose from… it could be sliced pork and fennel snag with hints of chilli; enoki, swiss and king brown mushies; prosciutto and rocket, or salami, olives and roasted peppers. Bases that are thin, crisp, wheaty tasty with ample crusts, though the topping’s flavours suffer from a generous mamma’s heavy hand spreading the tomato sauce. Trio of chocolates in the calzone and lemon pannacotta quality dolce to finish.

Sound yummy? Speed on down to 103 Lonsdale VIC and not Wanneroo WA.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 103 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, VIC
What? Pastas $20, Pizzas $17, Desserts $11

Left to Right : Gnocchi and Gorgonzola; Enoki, Swiss, King Brown Mushrooms; Pork and Fennel Sausage; Prosciutto and Rocket; Salami and Peppers; Pannacotta; Calzone


Jetsetting Joyce said...

Oh yum! This is on my to-eat list definitely. Good to know that their non-pizza menu items are up to the same high standard.

Jetsetting Joyce

slowcooked said...

its a good place to kick back with a bottle of wine and pizza - wish i was doing that right now! (the wine part anyway)

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