Friday, 11 June 2010

Kim Chi Grandma, Carnegie

I’ve been missing my Korean gran at Box Hill, and although it’s a bit of a trek across town, the trip to Carnegie to get a kim chi fix is worth it. I’m glad the old, original gal is still going strong and doesn’t look a day over 10 years. All greatest hits are featured, from the slippery translucent glass noodles of Jap chae, to the pork and beef bulgogis, kim chi pancake and stews. Bibimbap is soft though, missing the charring heat of a stonepot that doesn’t provide justice to the julienned veg, rice and shredded cow meat. A small blemish that you can easily forgive, it is the grandma cookin after all.

3 / 5 yums!

Where? 125 Koornang Road, Carnegie, VIC
What? Average Main - $15

Left to Right : Pork Bulgogi, Kim Chi Stew, Beef Bulgogi, , BiBimBab, Japchae, Seafood pancake

1 comment:

rkhooks said...

Yum! I love Kim chi. I always have to eat it out as eating it at home makes the whole place smell.

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