Monday, 23 March 2009

Le Paris Go

All is love in fair and war and Pepe Le Pew just might have found himself a home at this chock-a-block café, and it’s not even on the main drag of Bondi! And you thought you could get away from the crowd. This very funky café opens it’s windows out onto the streets, extracting every inch of space it can to cram in the bevy of gorgeous young ladies and topless gents, the living restaurant features wearing summer dresses, thongs and boardies give Le Paris Go a very beachy summery feel. Admittedly I’m extremely blinded, the way a love struck skunk is, by the retro work of the signage and the catchy name. You know it is possible to be too attractive and with that, it can get away with a lot of things such as the simple offerings with a decent coffee. So if you have not tried Le Paris Go already, do not knock it, for I’m sure there’s something here you will like. It could be ze corned beef for you, and ze cabbage to them.

Where? 38 Hall St, Bondi Beach, NSW

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