Friday 18 December 2009

RACV Club Resort, Cape Schanck

A retreat for the newly and oldly retired. There’s accommodation with premium ocean views amongst the tranquil greenery. An army of buggies for those who want to avoid the only physical aspect of the game to traverse the challenging undulating golf course. The scent of opulent over 65s. Welcome to the RACV Club Resort at Cape Schanck.

Having settled into the beautiful surrounds, wake up to a fully loaded breakfast buffet where real honeycomb is the feature and a must eat sweet addition for the fresh berry yoghurt and porridge. If you haven’t completely gorged yourself at first meal, a selection of baguettes, sandwiches, bagels and wraps filled with gourmet greens, relishes, cheese and cold cuts of turkey, ham or beef awaits for lunch.

Dinner is a roast meat buffet extravaganza on Sundays but otherwise you’ll have to be content choosing 3 courses for a reasonable $55 or pasta specials. A medallion of juicy Gippsland eye fillet cooked to order squats on a baked buttery square of roasted spud, coarsely pulsed mushrooms and drizzled with a caramelised shallot jus that’s the highlight of the menu. However both entrees of calamari with a healthy amount of purple cabbage, a sweet nam jim dressing and crunch of a chilli toffee praline and scallops on shredded zucchini and saffron sauce both overcooked that would not please teeth of the general clientele. Unless the kitchen are assuming the diners suffered from amnesia, the same purple combo above garnished cash note thin slices of lightly salted duck breast instead of Japanese mayo, sweet soy and microherbs and the pan-seared tuna missing the mustard vinaigrette. Sure to set you on the road to forehead wrinkle highway from all the frowning after a 45 minute wait.

If it’s not past bedtime, diabetics beware the passionfruit semifreddo scented by the mango shell it comes in with mango and raspberry compote that’s both refreshing and dangerously sweet. Rhubarb ice cream adds acidity to the dense, moist chocolate pudding. A great pear and strawberry crumble is paired with a safe vanilla ice cream.

If I were living off my super, I’d happily spend the time and saved hard-earn here to indulge. So there are a few flaws but you’d care less at a resort this nice. Can’t wait to not have to work anymore.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? Trent Jones Drive (via Boneo Road), Cape Schanck, VIC
What? Around $25

Left to Right: Breakfast Buffet, Lunch selection, Sunday Roasts, Sunday Buffet Dessert, Scallops and Zucchini Noodles, Squid, Duck Breast, Gippsland Rib Eye, Tuna, Passionfruit Semifreddo, Chocolate Pudding, Pear and Strawberry Crumble

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