Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ah’Loys Malaysian Restaurant, Brighton

To avoid any confusion with the Korova Milk Bar, this stylish, clean, white room in Brighton is smartly titled “Malaysian Restaurant”. So there might not be any milk laced with drugs, but judging by the lack of empty seats, the menu of typical hawker fare of kuay teow, nasi and mees with a few shared dishes is highly addictive.

Though having been spoilt by a few choice places in the east and south-east, it’s hard to look past the minor flaws of the otherwise reasonable renditions. Hor-Fun had a good wet egg sauce but lacked the char on the flat white noodles. Same with the mee goreng but it had the salty sweetness of kecap manis and chilli sauce heat. Laksa had more chilli bite than curry depth than one you’ll find in Kensington.

I can’t say that I share the enthusiasm of the Brightonites for Ah’Loys. I’ll get my Malaysian fix from another dealer.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 278 Bay St, Brighton, VIC
What? Individual mains around $12

Left to Right: Hor-Fun, Laksa, Mee-Goreng

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