Thursday 21 July 2011

Palace Hotel, South Melbourne

Like this doublecooked writer, Luke Mangan has returned to his hometown. But unlike this doublecooked writer, Luke Mangan can boast successful businesses in both Sydney and Melbourne. And he can cook. Very well.

It’s a very chilled out place this Palace Hotel. It could be your recently promoted mate’s new decked out pad.

Exuding all the class from the Sydney Glass restaurant, with plates that are unisexually appealing to a standard for the yuppy South Melbourne area without the distraction of being too pretty to eat. Goes down well for the tastebuds, and it hits the right notes on the wallet.

Hearty “gastropub”/bistro food, where the sharing meats shine.

4 / 5 yums!
Where? 505 City Rd, South Melbourne, VIC
What? Entrees $15-20, Mains $25-35

The Palace by Luke Mangan on Urbanspoon


simson12 said...

This is an amazing blog. Though I am not on the trip, I feel I am learning so much looking at the pictures and reading the summary of each day and the comments posted. I see how this trip truly is a life changing experience. May the memories help all of you in the lives you live.
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simson11 said...

good to see the weather has warmed up:) and the danube... i saw it last year and my illusions of it were shattered when i saw this grey snake winding across land. hope to see your painting of it anyway:)r.
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