Monday, 12 May 2008

I Thai

I hate to get cheated on. Wait wait… let me try that again, because it deserves to be underlined and in capitals. I HATE to get cheated. I hate it like I hate dodgy bankers in Monopoly by instead of going directly to jail and not passing go and collecting $200, as landing on the square clearly states, they would give themselves $500, not to mention mysterious extra hotels popping up on Mayfair when they clearly don’t own the property.

Speaking of royal blue, I Thai is on the prime location that is Kings Street Wharf. But like a majority of its fellow neighbours situated at the gorgeous harbour side, it may be on 400 pound real estate but has Old Kent Road quality (see Cargo Bar). Tacky bamboo and rice paper oriental umbrellas leave me confused as to whether one is dining in the land of Ling Ling, Saigon or Kyoto.

Continuing to perplex is the exorbitant price charged for a banquet of food court food. Entrée consisted of a spring roll which was more than a Chance that it was frozen, an overly baked dry chicken drumstick or wing, and a fried battered prawn. The only thing Thai about the course was the sweet chilli condiment. Stingily rationed between four, more of that sweet chilli is found in basil stir fried beef with vegetables, a no muscles weak water works green curry chicken, “salt and pepper” calamari (note the quotation marks for sarcastic effect) and “haven’t I seen those vegetables before?” vegetable stir fry in a sweetish fish sauce.

Pop into I Thai to feel like the loser to a player with the unfair help of Moneybags if you that’s what you’re into.

1 / 5 yums!
Where? 19 Lime Street, Sydney, NSW
What? Basic Banquet $40

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