Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ria Sari

Ria Sari, sitting at the gutter along Barkers Road. You’ve probably driven past it dozens of times but never ever thought about it. And I don’t blame you. The shopfront is certainly not flattering, neither the aged and neglected lino, heavily utilised tables and chairs draped by faded plastic tablecloths often found at your grand’s place.

But the smells and the sight of the food from Padang (the city of West Sumatra, Indonesia) that’s richer than a Trump makes one turn a blind eye to the décor. On rice, sample the range of curried fried egg, sambal hard boiled egg, fried fish, curried beef and stewed vegetables amongst others. Not only might it clog an artery or two, it’ll also singe the tongue courtesy of the chilli and spices. Quench the thirst with what could be mistaken as tadpoles but is actually basil seeds and sugar syrup in a classic ice cream sundae glass.

Returning to Ria Sari, I wouldn’t think twice.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? Barkers Road, Kensington, NSW
What? Under $10


indo85 said...

the food in this restaurant is alright, the problem is the owner is very rude, i was once order food to share with my girlfriend because she doesn't eat much and he refuse to serve us and told us to get out of the restaurant just because we want to share the food, and also he said something rude about being indonesian people as he said indonesian people like to share food. It was a very bad experience.

Adrian Christianto said...

I eat several times at this place before fly back home (Jakarta) so my tummy will get used to the "hawker quality" foods in indo hehehehe

slowcooked said...

indo85: sad to hear... agreed that the service ain't exactly top notch but hey you don't expect it from a place like that! Regardless, in no way shape or form should you be treated like that... definitely ruins the experience.

adrian: hahaha i hope to have an iron stomach too

Unknown said...

is this the restaurant with kind of rude mannered lady owner? I used to eat there back in 2001 when I was still living in Sydney....

well to be fair the lady was not rude to me or my friends but she was rude an old lady that was either living in or helping out there .... we suspected that that old lady was her mom or something like that...

ohhh memory.... :)

kkho said...

I've been coming to this place for the past 6 years.
So often that I don't have to order anymore everytime I come to the restaurant.
The husband just say "Hey, Ko" and he started to get my rice and my usuals.

I admit, they're (with the wife) not the most passionate hosts. Most of the times, it would seem that they quarreled in the back of the house.
I am also not surprised that some people here consider them as rude. But I have never gotten anything bad from them and with a food that is reasonable, cheap, fast and where there is always a table available and no waiting time in Sydney, this is my all-time favorite Indonesian eatery.

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