Friday, 19 February 2010

Blue Dish, Highett

One French person’s trash is another Frenchy’s treasure. Highett’s much loved French Corner recently closed but in it’s place, a neat café of granite tabletops and simple chestnut bentwoods as risen from the ashes. It might look a little different, but the simple menu is still firmly rooted in Paris, or some other French city. Crossiants, baguettes, eggs Provencale, soufflé and gruyere, croque, and French toast to give you a flavour.

Those looking for sumo sized meals will think Thierry Henry might be in the kitchen cheating you, but these uncomplicated, homestyle dishes will leave you satisfied. Eggs scrambled slowly in the pan providing different temperatures and textures of white and yolk, delicious on sourdough and even better with a side of bacon. Hammy Lyonnaise snag with embedded shards of pistachio come with baked beans that are so not SPC. From the specials board, there might be a delightfully light sweet corn fritter, or a heavier gnocchi with a beef burgundy. Finish it off with coffee that’s so good you’ll get a takeaway.

You’ll be hard pressed to find reasons not to treasure this corner as much as the last. Unless you’re an Irish World Cup fan.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 326 Highett Rd, Highett, VIC
What? Smalls $3.50 - $6, Large $12 - $17

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