Tuesday 4 September 2007

The Treasure

Arrr! Avast me mateys, there be an oriental palace on port Springvale Road, prepare to board and pillage. A gluttony of yum cha booty awaits those who are swashbuckling and truly buccaneer.

Mutiny to the cook who prepared the prawn dumplings, for they be powdery from the bicarb used to plump up the meat and scuppering the sweet flavour. Siu lung bao not shipshape for some sea dog misplaced the broth. Also forgetting the duck in the inaptly named bean curd wrap filled vermicelli, roast pork and mushroom. Should be marooned, a case of one dessert to many was the layered cake of egg yolk custard that hardened before arriving with the rest of the loot.

Halt short of making the landlubbers walk the plank and saving from Davy Jones’ locker, for there’s redeeming grub to be had. Shiver me timbers the siu mai is huge, the size of a jollyboat that’s extremely tasty. Something from the briny deep, thickly but spicy salted battered whitebait is worth its weight in gold. Beauty in the ginger and prawn dumpling, a rich saucy gravy over a moist wheat flour wrapping the precious meat inside. Sink me! The bao, with its soft, snow white fluffy textured casing containing char siu, egg custard and lotus seed are good. Striking the motherload though, the xue guo lor mei chi, balls of green tea and real red bean ice-cream inside a soft, doughy glutinous rice shell rolled in shaved coconut.

Whilst the wenches and hands gave amiable service, because of the scars left from consuming that prawn dumpling, set sail for treasures elsewhere. Arrr!

2 / 5 yums! (3 not taking into account the prawn dumping)


Where? 482 Springvale Road, Forest Hill, VIC

What? Around $20 per person

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