Friday 14 September 2007


Fellas, you know the dream I’m talking about, the one where you’ve just won the Australian Grand Prix, after accepting the winner’s trophy on the podium and you smooch the smoking hot blonde grid girl with the legs that don’t quit, then proceed to give that oversized bottle of Mumm a good shake to spray the dignitaries, fellow competitors and the smoking hot brunette promo chick. Ladies… I don’t know… just think of that overwhelming sense of joy and adulation.

Obtaining a prized seat at the winner of 2007 Cheap Eat Guide restaurant of the year, certainly warranted popping some bubbly. Having been declined from this place more times as I’ve been turned down by members of the opposite sex (and that’s a lot of times), it doesn’t hurt half as much as being denied the Horoki menu for so long.

Go with a small group of friends and it becomes a degustation at KFC prices. Crispy shreds of daikon dominate the salad providing a stark contrast to the soft slices of raw fish drizzled in a sesame soy dressing and pellets of roe. Describing the crispy chicken yuzu (tart like a grapefruit) flavour as a weather forecast, I’d say it was very pleasant 25 degrees, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Daikon gets around as it makes an appearance on top of the swordfish tataki while something more special is the tenderly roasted pork slices that sit in a pool of almost teriyaki like soy reduction, sprinkled with a little red of a Japanese pepper. With a sense of theatre, they leave the best til last with the much talked about tuna carpaccio, a marriage of Lamborghini and Lexus flavours in parmesan and a light soy which leaves the eater gasping for encores.

Five dishes between four people, it’s not much and probably won’t satisfy if you’re hungry. Come to savour the opportunity at Horoki and order up big time. Leave feeling like you’ve wrestled rye bread from a granny and gotten away with it (no I'm not an asshole, Seinfeld fans will understand), for surely this place is a steal.

3.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 19 Liverpool St, Melbourne, VIC

What? Average Dish – $3

Left to Right : Daikon Salad with Sashimi, Crispy Chicken Yuzu, Swordfish Tataki, Tuna Carpaccio, Roast Pork

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