Monday, 19 May 2008

Lansdowne Hotel

The corner pub with a rock history that’s probably as old as Google and some, it’s a haven for uni students or the uni day haunt you’d never had. Cheap meals and even cheaper beers attract the crowds to the massive mess hall, with the age old raffle for a bomb (car) also a puller and makes the search for food and booze a no brainer.

$5 or $10 meals are to be accompanied by at least a drink that’s valued at $3.50 so no cheating if you think you can get away with getting some of the soft sparkling stuff. Not gigantic portions but enough to satisfy, choose from a variety of things such as nachos, spaghetti, wedges, schnitzel or upgrade to a “parma” or rib-eye and other such pub goodies.

Not going to lie to you though… the $5 meals aren’t what they used to be circa 2006… so beware the gristley rumps or chicken breast that come with either mushroom, diane or pepper gravy and chips or mash.

If you’re easy (and I don’t mean in that way), the Lansdowne will do you just fine (not in that way either).

2 / 5 yums!
Where? 2-6 City Rd, Chippendale, NSW
What? $5 and $10 meals

Left to Right : $5 steak and chicken breast

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Niwaism Hype said...

Hahaha.. I actually went to lansdowne hotel for a quick n yet filling dinner during exam period where my friends n i had to stay till pretty late.. heaven! loool wasnt the best but heyy loool

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