Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Milk and Honey

Life’s pleasures. A child’s first steps. Their first words. The first time they go pee pee on their own. Take the nectar from a female bovine’s teat, pasteurised or un (your choice), heat and add nature’s natural sweetener and you have a liquid treat. Simple.

Just like the menu at Milk and Honey that reeks of Kevin Rudd’s Facebook page… tries very hard to please everyone. Certainly not palate shattering meals, the way smashing Spencer’s Cajun Creole onto the tongue with a sledgehammer would. Just food that befits the relaxed, casual, modern environment, inspired by touches of the Middle East and Europe.

$30 each, for a large group, gets you a savoury experience. Share the starters, consisting of hommus, baba and spicy capsium with flat bread. Follow this up with something substantially more substantial in the mezze plate of kofta balls, falafel and lamb skewered kebabs. Individually choose your main to top up the stomach, from a gentle garlic, chilli infused olive tossed in linguini, spring onion, prawns and scant button mushrooms, skin on chicken breast, pan fried and drizzled with a lemon juice squatting on a saffron risotto cake, a heart foundation tick of approval tender pork cutlet roasted with thyme, caramelised onion and apple, or a slickly greased parsley crumbed veal on a rack of asparagus.

While capilano or manuka might not remedy some of the kinks with the food, but with a bit of warmness and calcium, Milk and Honey could grow up be bigger and stronger to be the nation’s capital’s favourite teenager.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 29 Garema Pl, Canberra City, ACT
What? 2 course banquet $30

Left to Right
: Dip plate, Mezze, Linguini, Chicken Breat, Pork Cutlet, Crumbed Veal

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