Friday, 17 October 2008

Melbourne Dining Scene Update

As there has been a lack of posts lately I thought I'd pipe up with a little something. Our main contributor has been MIA, hopefully not for too long!

As an update on the Melbourne Dining Scene, I've had the privilege of eating at a number of various places mostly great - no pictures but quick updates!

- Bistro Guillaume: I’ve been lucky enough to visit this place twice since it’s opening, and both times definitely been impressed. There is a definite opulence with the surroundings, juxtaposed against a mainly simple (read Traditional) French menu. Highlights include; scallops with the cauliflower veloute, the most extravagant fish and chips in Melbourne, and the mushroom risotto. Deserts, aligned to the rest of the menu – kept simple, however unfortunately not as memorable. (9/10/08)

3.5 / 5 Yums

- Cummulus Inc: When will us Melbourians get sick of these hidden alley way food serving bar venues? If they continue along the same lines as Bar Lourinha, Movida, and now Cummulus – hopefully never. Owned by Andrew McConnell of Circa & 312 fame – the menu centres around small dishes designed to share. There is an obvious focus on procuring great produce with whole menu sections devoted to freshly shucked oysters & another devoted to smallgoods – both worth trying. Even better in my opinion are the dishes in the small/large dishes section – my only regret is that I couldn’t order everything in these sections. A must have is the Cured Ocean Trout with liquorice and apple – easily one of the best things I have eaten this year. Restaurants like this add to the reason why Melbourne is the best city in the world. (13/10/08)

4 / 5 Yums

- Rockpool Bar: Some say that Andrews in Albert Park make the best burgers in Melbourne. For traditionalists, they could be right – but like most things, innovation & tweaking eventually makes things better (I guarantee they make Spag Bol here better than 95% of the mothers in Italy – contrary to what any arrogantly ignorant Italians tell you). The burger here is made with minced Wagyu, gruyere cheese, along with the other usual additions this burger is definitely the best I’ve had (better than Vue/Andrews/Urban Burger/Maccas). The full restaurant menu is available – the steaks are another highlight, along with the 4 tastes of the sea and the Mac & Cheese. Other highlight: Desert – strawberry salad with pannacotta and rose granita should not be passed up. (14/10/08)

3.5 / 5 Yums

- Ezards: My 4th visit to this Melbourne institution came with the heightened expectation of being completely blown away on my previous three visits. Would it live up to expectation or would I be completely let down? All I can say is that this place not only lived up to my expectation but cemented the place as my favourite restaurant ever. Ranked only 26 in the Australian Gourmet Traveller Guide – in my opinion the experience at Ezard surpasses what I have received at VDM and Tetsuya (4th and 3rd respectively). I won’t go through the big flavoured 8 course degustation – but the classics (Oyster Shooter & Duck) and the subtly changing support cast (Seasame Pannacotta with Sashimi, or Blue Swimmer Crab Sandwiched between two pieces of Toro) continue to delight. There were no low points to the restaurant, the service friendly but professional and unpretentious wine service, suggested to meet taste and budget. Ezard continues to go from strength to strength and I hope that it sticks around for another 10 excellent years. (15/10/08)

5 / 5 Yums

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These are certainly helpful reviews for a foodie like me. I've been scouting for the best restaurants in Melbourne.

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