Monday 3 November 2008


You could go to France for a quality baguette but there’s Victoire in Balmain. A plane trip to Indonesia for Ayam Goreng but there’s 99 in Kingsford. Why wait for the loo at home when you could relieve yourself on a mansion fence on St Georges Road? You could travel far to get something, but why not go local?

Silvas is one such local, the place that causes all the surrounding inner west suburbs to experience the kind of jealously felt by the kid without the LCM. As intense is the peri peri sauce, lovingly basted over the poultry meat that’s got a false teeth chompy red chilli, garlic and lime kick which is somewhat neutralised by fried chips and a fried rice Portuguese style. Something with a bit of barbaric Neanderthal, the very meaty, thickly diced beef marinaded in madeira and charcoal charred is presented on a hanging skewer dangling teasingly at eye level. “EAT ME” it beckons so you do as ordered.

You can go to Nandos, Oporto, Ogalo or some other sell out Portuguese chook franchise to get your fix but there’s nothing like the local that’s so close, you could roll out of bed to find to find your lips pressed against food worthy to be exchanged for your cash.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? Shop 1, 82-86 New Canterbury Rd, Petersham, NSW
What? Chicken $18 or cheaper take away

Left to Right : Portuguese Chicken, Madeira Beef

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Duncan | Syrup&Tang said...

Silvas certainly comes close to the real thing! Mind you, the price of their (tasty) caldo verde is a little far from the real thing. Ouch.

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