Sunday 9 November 2008

Urban Bites

When you think of angry man, you think Jason Statham in Crank. For a fool, maybe a Brendan Fevola. The truth, Paul Pierce, cause he can motherf*ckin play. I like the epitomes in life. Or at least try seek them out.

It’s chilled, casual, relaxed environment with it’s arty grundgy edges has King St (without all the cars) all over it. Adding to that, the food is nothing outstanding (save for Oscillate Wildly, Gelatomassi and maybe Guzman) but it certainly is satisfying.

The name says it all. No surprises on this cafĂ© menu, there’s your coffees, juices which won’t tread on too many toes. Find the steak sanga, the meat is minute steak with a sunny side egg, bacon and a healthy dose of barbeque sauce on top, served opened on Turkish bead with lettuce tomato, cucumber and beetroot slices. Chips stock up the still hungry. The Bite burger on the other hand comes with wedges instead straight from the packet, the meat to bun ratio is poor with the beef pattie sitting on a fat white roll, again served open with a good dollop of tomato sauce and seeded mustard with the same salad. Eggs benedict is a tame affair, the eggs well poached, the hollandaise sauce lacking zang and zing.

Good enough for the locals who flock to the outdoor tables on those sunny days and whilst it doesn’t impress yet not much to fault, Urban Bites could very well by the epitome of the Newtown eatery.

2 / 5 yums!
Where? 58 King St, Newtown, NSW
What? Under $18

Left to Right : Juices, Steak sandwich, Bites Burger, Eggs Benedict


Emily Snappers said...

Oh my goodness, eggs benedict is something I absolutely love, unfortunately in the UK where I live it is not so easy to come by. The other food also looks absolutely gorg!! I help run which is all about showcasing bloggers food photos - hope to see these on there soon ;)

Niwaism Hype said...

I love egg benedicts too loool..

anyway owner of the blog.. I've looked through and see that you havent gone to "arisun" it is korean-chinese restaurant.. there is one just across kura III (near darling harbour, chinese garden, obviously city area) i recommend you to try the jja jang myun/ black bean noodle, special one, with seafood.. and also.. sun's soy fried chicken ( it comes in 1 basket enough for 5-8 people )

another korean: seoul- ria.. across world square, on top of fujiya (which i recommend you to try as well) at seoul ria, nothing in particular that has fantastic taste, but i always love seoul - ria's kkan pungki/ sweet-hot battered chicken bites.. NYUM! watch out for the queue.. can be a long one..

another korean is zozo: world square food part, the lunch special is soo filling and quite worth the price i think.. taste is soso~ www

now japanese: definitely like ramen? try ajisen ramen, there is one newly open around world square ( near hype the shoe shop) i would definitely go for miso chasu ramen!

like i said in one of previous comment.. musashi! wagyu is nyum~ but queue could be annoying! musashi is located near the central station/capitol..

there is one ramen shop, i think ramen-on or something across harry's the wheel~ i like their cheese sausage.. LOOL but personal opinion.. nothing wah, but they are very chewy~

spanish: capiten torres at liverpool street, sydney,obv~
I cant remember the name of the dish.. but it was chicken and like seafood or something on top of rice cooked in a very big flat pan.. very nice i must say

I dont know if u've been to these places before, i just assumed as you havent reviewed them :P so my in advance apology if i thought wrong..

banzai! i love food lovers :)

happy christmas and happy eating!!

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