Friday, 6 February 2009

Berowra Waters Inn

Toys with a Happy Meal. A 7th blade that escorts the 6th that keeps the 5th warm in the new Gillette HcaM7000 Fusion for the closest shave ever. Kevin Rudd’s promises. That gimmick to attract customers. It is the thing that immediately differentiates and defines Berowra Waters Inn. That majestic boat ride from the wharf to the restaurant, that has housed many of Sydney’s finest chefs, on the shores of the Hawkesbury.

And majestic the food certainly is, complementing the calm and tranquillity of the surrounds. The décor is extremely stripped back and relaxed, letting the serenity of the environment speak volumes. Let the inner Homer Simpson glutton take over, choosing from 4, 5 or 6 courses for a DIY degustation depending on how many flavours you’d like. The portions are scaled up or down but be assured you will leave suitably satisfied. Already envisaging future trips to try everything, the decision is tough as you work your way though the light but beautiful combination Hiramasa Kingfish, Mud Crab and apple, textured by toasted hazelnuts or the chucky thick medallions of grilled scallops, who’s sweetness is accentuated by a lovely rich pea risotto. On the heavier side of things, the slice of roast duck breast, fat rendered into the pinkish meat, accompanied by a filo wrap of duck leg confit ended with a very rich foie gras stuffed dated that whilst was pleasant, perhaps shadowed the Donald. Luxurious Korabuta Pork Loin was more successful with a Madeira Jus. Eclipsing that, mini steaks of Wagyu Sirloin seared and blotted with the finest and freshest pepper berries, grinded and flavour released upon mushing with the chompers. Such simplicity yet so utterly Aussie, a nod to what the gourmet Mick Dundee would prep to impress on the banks of the Hawkesbury.

It is said that this venue has had its ups and downs, but fortunately for the foodie world, chef Dietmar Swayere has resurrected this venue to a stratosphere worthy of its surrounds.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? Public Wharves (water access only - call for pickup), Berowra Waters, NSW
What? 4 courses $125, 5 for $135, 6 for $150

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