Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Wind, Windsor

It’s not surprising that Vietnam’s Smith gets mispronounced. Nugent, Nugget, Nee-Goo-Yen. But say the words of this cleverly named Windsor cheap eat fast and you’ll get pretty close. The sanitised menu of a typical Springvale or Richmond joint that combines Western Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes including bun (vermicelli), pho and rice is a bit hit and miss. Broken rice not so broken looking like normal long grain, but the pork chop fine. Tomato rice good, however let down by the well done grilled beef. The chef suggestions don’t disappoint: a South Vietnamese clay pot is a bubbling stew of pork, garlic, brown sugar and fish sauce and be seduced by the headline crispy duck stuffed with prawn sizzling plate. A final thought, won’t find too many Trans here on a Saturday night, but plenty of Smiths, so get in early.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 120 Chapel St, Windsor, VIC
What? Dishes around $10

Left to Right: Spring Rolls, Banh Xeo, Broken Rice, Diced Beef Tomato Rice, Pad Thai, South Vietnamese Clay Pot, Duck stuffed Prawn

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