Wednesday 3 March 2010

Poppy Thai, Docklands

Poppy Thai is coming to a suburb near you. Fair enough about the expansion plans and therefore might be entitled to raise prices, but I’m not sure they can be justified at this city version even after applying the Dockland’s surcharge. Besides picking up a reasonable bill for a choice from a typical Thai menu including Pad Thai, stir fries, green and massaman curry, you’d be doing well to score the phone number a local banker or white collar. If that’s your preference. What isn’t mine is the amount of cream in the meat stingy red curry that if you froze it over could produce an unusual dessert. There’s no hiding behind restaurant style presentation. Value it is not.

2 / 5 yums!
Where? Bourke St, Docklands, VIC
What? Meat and Rice around $16


chibi_sylv said...

When I last worked in Docklands, I mistakenly booked this place for my boss farewell lunch (as it was within walking distance and my boss loves Thai food). Biggest mistake ever! The food was okay, but the service was downright terrible! I went in person to book the table and we even pre-order all our food so that we don't hve to wait. We arrived at 12pm and the last person got their meal at 1:30PM!! It was not even that packed. We complained and they said their manager was out. At this point, I dissolved into tears b/c I was the one who made the booking but my friends had it with these people and they kept asking for a refund. I think we got back 10%. With words of mouth, I'm sure no one at my workplace will be back. To the management who I have try to contact in the past and got no response, you are more than welcome to contact me!

slowcooked said...

such a shame... i can't defend what they did on that day, but when we went they at least got the food out quickly for our big group. Shame you didn't get that level of service!

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