Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Shoya, Melbourne

I’m raging. My entire body is against me. Blood is boiling. Tastebuds jostling and fist bumping to hurt. Blurred vision. Waistline expanding. Diagnosis: symptoms of Shoya withdrawl. Having suffered from a lack of eating fitness at JR recently, it was back to fine form to consume a smashing omakase.

Shoya is a multi level Japanese eating haven, with one area dedicated for the finer things. Wood and moody down lights provide an intimate warm arena, spot lighting a commanding bar area where the expert chefs prepare amazing deliciousness respectfully using basic Japanese flavours, ingredients and techniques, mashing in a few Western things, with a few visual theatrics that will have your eyes wanting to grow multiple mouths.

Salmon Carpaccio: wasabi in mousse form takes the edge off the heat, a garnish of earthy shaved truffles always welcomed.

Tempura Lobster: cream cheese and spiced miso concoction makes anything look good but on top of a bit of luxurious crustacean goes very nicely.

Hatching Ocean Egg: silken egg custard littered with scampi tail and spinach puree at home in its hollowed shell.

Assortment of Sashimi: Yep, that’s an ice ball. A ball of ice.

Beef spinach roll: Grissom would have had difficulty finding evidence of the spongy spinach soufflé surrounding stewed to submission tender ox tongue drizzled with a sticky sweet yet savoury soy beef jus. Except in my stomach.

Crab Tempura: Battered Snow Crab leg was heavy handed with the salt.

Umeshu and sake sorbet: palette cleansing.

Tai Somen: grilled snapper and wheat noodles overcooking in the bonito konbu dashi that overall is a ramen-lite.

Wagyu, black truffle, enoki, shiitake miso sauce: steak and mushroom sauce garnished with shaved $100 bills… keep your whoop whoop inside.

Mixed rice: chicken, veggies and mushrooms

Chef’s Desserts: Come back to normality with the chocolate slice after the strange, densely creamy, slightly savoury sea urchin cheesecake.

Shoya serves up the micro plates of goodness that has puts your body on a very high peak. What a crash when it comes to an end.

4.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 25 Market Lane, Melbourne, VIC
What? Omakase $120, higher for more extreme versions


msihua said...

Yayy.. thanks for that review.. I've been wanting to go there for a while...

marshmellows&merlot said...

I had dinner here on Saturday night. AMAZING. We went because my girlfriends husband has just started working as a chef there. When he told me he was leaving Rockpool (Melbourne) to work at Shoya, I thought he was crazy. However as we sat at the sushi bar, I spent more time watching the chefs than eating and the food was sensational!

slowcooked said...

msihua: hope you get to go there soon!
marshmellows: glad you enjoyed shoya as much as we did!

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