Sunday, 3 June 2007


Have you ever felt cheated? I certainly did walking towards this place, which from the outside, this Japanese eatery looked like a Chinese restaurant from the 1970s. Floating out of the speakers though, a poppy Japanese tune which put me at ease. Hearing the waiters though, what’s that I hear? Cantonese? I thought we were in a Japanese restaurant! Like many things in Sydney, it’s was all very authentic, genuine and real. Oh wait, I forgot I was in Melbourne… I started to feel cheated again.

That aside, if ever I’ve seen the law of averages at work, this would have to be it. The Agedashi Tofu - ok, Kaki - ok, Horenso Gomae - the highlight, a lovely blend of spinach, carrot and black sesame, disappointing Tatsuta Age, overdone Sea Perch, perfect medium rare Wafu Steak, average Teriyaki, tough Yakiniku, exquisite salmon sashimi, not so tuna, nice Uramaki. If I whipped out a leveller to rate this place, the bubble would be right in the middle.

2.5 / 5 yums!


Where? Asakusa, 127 Waverley Rd, Malvern East

What? Average Entree $10, Mains $ 17

Left to Right: Agedashi Tofu, Kaki no Tempura – Rock oyster, Horenso Gomae – spinach black sesame, Tori No Tatsuta Age, Sea Perch Misoyaki, Wafu Steak, Tori Teriyaki, Yakiniku
Sushi Set, Pork and Ginger

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