Thursday, 7 June 2007


Excuse me waiter, could I please have the eggplant, the chicken karage and salmon and crab sushi. Thanks. Oh! Before you go, another thing, how much for that delightful tea set on the shelf over there? No no, that one is gorgeous too, umm… middle rack, second row, third down. Oh… I see… ok… just the food for now thanks!

Cocoro, a cosy little place which has received recent props in the Epicure and featured in Melbourne’s Cheap Eats guide, is not a bad little place where you can also buy teas and things to put the tea in. The karage was nicely done, not too oily and lightly crisp. The salmon nigirizushi on top of a bundle of perfect sushi rice, the crab gunkanmaki was slightly heavier, this battleship mixed with the right amount of Japanese mayo and the fried eggplant was topped with a light finely chopped radish relish. Adding to the emerging dining Fitzroy dining landscape, a simple, fresh menu and shop to be explored!

3 / 5 yums!


Where? Cocoro Japanese Pottery & Cafe, 117 Smith St, Fitzroy

What? Average main $16

Left to Right : Deep fried eggplant, Salmon and Crab Sushi, Chicken Karage

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