Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Plan B

Plan B by name, plan B for lunch, but only because of the tyranny of distance between it and Martin Place, and a consciousness that there’s only so much fat the arteries can handle. Plan B is the café offering from Becasse, gourmet choices for the hungry in the desert midday CBD foodscape. What tasty stuff they do have. It is best value proposition in town, unrivalled by anything else, that is the wagyu burger, ecstasy between two sesame buns. Patty is thick, finely chopped (that’s chopped and not minced) Blackmore full-blood wagyu Ronnie Coleman prime meat, a bit of rocket, contrasted by a juicy yet firm slice of beetroot, sweet mushy caramelised onions with cheese grilled straight onto burger. This is the star attraction.

A lamb burger sits in the shadows but it’s an Australia v Canada cricket mismatch battle but still very good in its own right. Homemade sausage rolls are extremely naughty, when heated it truly is a window to weight gain with a fair bit of fat coming off the rich, crisp pastry. For something less threatening, a creamy coronation chicken or crispy pork belly comes in pre-packed sandwiches, or the excellent A grade tuna nicoice salad. Restraint needed for the mouth watering selection of mini tarts, cakes and muffins that truly look like they’ve come out of the kitchen from one of Sydney’s best diners.

For Justin North, this kind of food might be his plan B, but for me, that’s like calling Usain Bolt slow.

4 / 5 yums!
Where? 204 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW
What? Under $10

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