Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Giuseppe, Arnaldo & Sons

A clone of restaurant North Bondi, GAS brings down with it the clubby Sydney atmosphere and Bondi pretentiousness. Following the non-booking trend of Sydney restaurants, 5 of us arrived early to secure a table for 10. We were "greeted" by the hostess with all of the personality of a paperclip & along with a slight scowl we were asked us to wait at the bar for the rest of our party to arrive. Not the best start - but we move on.

Whilst waiting, we began on wines especially made for GAS that are available by the Carafe - an economic & fun option (especially in the Crown Complex). Soon, our party is guided through the beautifully designed roman-esq room, past the wall of breads to the front of the open kitchen and we are seated at our table.

The entrees we shared, that included in house cured meats were great - the popcorn-esq school prawns being a highlight. Navigating our way through the italian menu, our table sampled a mains from a variety of areas (Pasta, Steak, Fish, Casseroles). Although the food was well cooked & presented, it was far from special and we couldn't help but feel a little deflated - especially after all the promise that the venue inspired.

Only one dessert was tried, fresh raspberry, rose flavored grappa, vanilla mascarpone tart - the highlight of the night.

A good value venue, however GAS unfortunately sits amongst some of the best eating options in Melbourne - and in my opinion doesn't measure up.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? Crown, Whiteman Street, Southbank, VIC
What? Mains $30

Left to Right: Salami, Spinach Risotto Balls, School Prawns, Sirloin with Parmesan Crumbed Onion Rings, Lamb Cacciatore, Snapper, Fennel Onion Compote in a Paper Bag, Veal Shank, Raspberry Tart

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