Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Slip Inn

Oh how I wish I was an elegant brunette from Tasmania with an extremely refined Australian accent. Perhaps then I might find happiness. Though as luck would have it, I’m doubtful that I’ll ever have a chance meeting with a Prince at Slip Inn. I can only dream.

Yes, Slip Inn is the famous bar where Mary and Freddy met during the Sydney Olympics. Or so I’m told. Of all the Merivale owned places, this is one the few I won’t boycott. A relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of mini stools and tables, couches, a few arcade machines and an even better beer garden downstairs, one of the best places to chill if you can find space on a hot day. Meal times provide more than enough options, a Western menu of the usual pub favourites including a beefy nachos, beef burger and chips, steak sanga, and Caesar salad. Jumping on the Thai bandwagon and exploiting Sydney’s love affair with the South East Asian cuisine, find average cashew nut chicken, a weak red curry, overly sweet pad thai along with other typical dishes.

That said, you might not find a prince charming here, or the food too charming, but happiness can be found at the bottom of a tall, cold schooner of beer under the summer sun.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 111 Sussex St, Sydney, NSW

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