Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Top 5 - Malaysian Hawker eats

Here is my list on the top 5 Malaysian eats in Melbourne; Tell me what you think!

5. Petaling Street - above average across the board, you'll find it hard to go wrong, but you'll find it hard to be wowed! The Assam laksa is your best bet.
111 Kingsway, Glen Waverley 3150

4. Straits Cafe - taste the char from the wok on the kuay teow, traditional nasi lamek and the slippery, barely cooked egg sauce over the hor fun.
694 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster 3108

3. Rich Maha - with an Indian Malaysian slant, this eatery serves up consistently good curries, a mean new goreng, and I think pioneered freshly made roti in Melbourne.
Shop 3, 499 Burwood Hwy, Vermont South 3133 or Equitable Place off Little Collins St Melbourne 3000

2. Laksa King - they could serve nothing else but their selection of deliciously addicitive laksa and still make this list.
320 Racecourse Road, Flemington 3031

1. Penang Coffee House - all round delicious hawker dishes, kuai teow laced with wok hei, depth in the laksa and fun and friendly service gives PCH a well deserved number 1.
549 Burwood Rd. Hawthorn 3122


Jetsetting Joyce said...

Oooh I have to try Rich Maha - the other ones are a little out of my way from home and work (although I have been to Penang Coffee House).

What do you think about Old Town Kopitiam Mamak at QV?


I must have bad luck! Both times I've been to PCH it's been ok but the Laksa I've had a Laksa King I would rate well above the PCH version.

Tried Raffles in Collingwood? Similar vibe to PCH and close to home for me!

slowcooked said...

mmmm laksa king!
ah Raffles, is that opposite the Tote? if so, been many years since I've been there! old school and very hawker but nice stuff! got any other recommendations?

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