Sunday, 3 June 2007

Three, One, Two

W: humorous is certainly the word to describe the green military netting draped in the front of three, one, two. the degustation started with a cute little cigar box filled with small little wafers packed with fig jam or olives. weird, but cool. then came a precise assault of senses with soft oysters dabbed with shallots and mirin, a crab broth, duck confit, scampi and then finished smoothly with black sesame icecream... Super-attentive service, a million lightbulbed chandelier and beautifully fragrant Aesop handwash. I am definitely coming back as soon as I can find an excuse. Oh btw, keep the optional cheese platter... optional.
4.5 / 5 yums!

Y: (Pending review)

Three, One, Two
Where? 312 Drummond St, Carlton
What? 6-course degustation $90
With? Matching wines $60

Left to Right : Fig cigars, Claire de Lune Oysters, spinach, sesame salad, mirin and soy; Crab broth with cuttlefish, crispy chicken and aromatics; Duck Petit Sale with Foie Gras Parfait and Green Bean Salad; Grain Fed Striploin, Anchovy Fritters and Salsa Verde; St Marcellin a soft with fig, pistachio and pomegrante ($12 supplement); Sorbet, Chocolate Terrine with Cherries, Blackberries & Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

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