Thursday, 3 April 2008

Chicken Gourmet

Gut, queasy. Heart, beating a Brazilian samba. Body temperature, hot… then cold… then really hot… then you get the picture. Coordination, lacking. Yup, you’re drunk as a skunk and you’re in Canberra. Munchies? Heck yes. Where else for a late night feed but the nation capital’s finest.

Comparable to KFC? Not quite but damn it’s good. Managing through blurred vision and astounded that the cashier can comprehend the slurred “schlickin fluggar n ships”, out comes every intoxicated person’s saviour chicken burger and chips. Quick as a 9.74 second world record 100m sprint, a deep fried, battered chicken patty that’s lightly spiced with a bit of shredded lettuce (because it’s really important to get your vitamins at this time of night) is presented in-between two sesame sprinkled burger buns. Crinkle cut chips that are a little powdery is irrelevant as the gravy that saturates them makes one forget temporarily.

Wallet, empty. Food…worth it. Home… by foot.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? 131 City Walk, City, ACT
What? I wish i remembered...

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