Monday, 14 April 2008

Flying Fajita Sisters

“Deal or No Deal” shares my sentiments for Mexican food. Not a fan. Not that it’s clumsy, or an ill conceived idea that to this day leaves me scratching my ass as to why people enjoy the show. The cuisine from that country south of NSW, I mean Canadia has never really did much for me. Tex Mex, it just tries too hard to please, kind of like the host of that TV show. That was until a cabbie, playing reggaeton and with a slight American accent told stories about how his wife had been a predator of true Mexican food in the big apple and that her hunting adventures had taken them to little place in Glebe, with it’s little courtyard out the back, is probably the number one target. With a music taste like that and advice from a seemingly well travelled gent, sure… lets play… DEAL.

So you venture into the main dining area that feels like you could pull over that poncho, slap on a sombrero, lean up against a wall and go for a siesta. Further through is the courtyard as promised, though not as charming as described, feeling more like a fenced cobble stoned driveway complete with the four legs. Dining by candles does set a healthy mood.

Easing into the grub, eliminate those hand made corn chips and dig out a healthy amount of dipping, a trio of pepian, a Mexican pesto of pureed pumpkin seeds and non-threatening green chilli, queso fundido made with charred tomato, melted cheese and a sweet, mildly spicy ancho chilli and frijoles of reddish brown bean stewed down with traditional spices and cheese. Envisaging a few of those cynical briefcases in my mind are being knocked off, temperate for this stuff is rising.

Mains are typically Mex, though made the traditional way. No Doritos style tacos here and most come with your choice of meat / non-meat fillings. Tamales, explained as a pre Hispanic sandwich, steamed parcelled brick red achiote pulled pork by a banana leaf, served with Mexican rice, black beans and two salsas which I mistakenly under utilised until the end, for until then, it was mildly pleasant with it’s spice blend. Burritos, a flour tortilla bounding a sour cream, cheese, tomato salsa and a sweetly smoked chicken comes with guac that’s neatly spiced allowing a full avocado hit.

Unfortunately all this hasn’t changed the brain’s opinion for the Mex. Deal or No Deal… okay game but bored knocking off cases… NO DEAL for me, happier to take the bank and run.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 65 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, NSW
What? Most under $20

Left to Right : Appetiser, Trio of pepian, queso fundido and frijoles, Tamale, Burrito

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