Saturday, 5 April 2008

MART 130

MART 130 shouldn't be hard to find once you decrypt its name. ("MART "is tram backwards, stop 130). if you are too hungover drinking Ara the night before to solve the riddle, take the other advice... opposite Gunn Island hotel in that tram shed - don't ask, it makes sense once you're there.

brunch is a inevitable concept that Gen-Y's need to start embracing at they start moving into their late-20s. messy night drinkings followed by late-afternoon wake-ups are no more. the cursed habit of waking up at 7 every morning to get to work will destroy the ability to sleep-in on weekends. once awake - it's either the gym.. or its brunch.

MART 130 will ease the brunch transition into our lives. top coffee (brand is genovese), an award-winning plate of corn frittas (cheap-eats 2008) and cute milk bottles for drinking water. its a charming cosy cottage timber floors, small communal tables to share with other brunchers and well.. a slew of yummy mummies to eye out.

relax with a few friends, impress last night's date with a morning out or dash in for an after a yoga class.. brunch, its your new morning after.

3.5 / 5 yums!

Where? 107 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park, VIC (Tram Stop 130)
What? Eggs #1 and Corn Frittas


Jaime said...

Where are the pictures of the corn fritters?

Wally said...

good question.. too hungover and too hungry to remember to snap. this is what happens when the head editor doesn't QA our work.

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