Monday, 4 May 2009

Taka Tea

Second chances are rare these days, especially when one is still nursing the scars from the first experience. Which was the case with Taka Tea. Thinking that this was another one of those Asian tea houses that do the artificially flavoured and sweetened (yet utterly delicious) drinks… WRONG. Teas for much more refined tastes.

Takeaway experience left this writer with 2nd degree burns and a melted chin (ok I’m exaggerating but it freaking hurt) from the scolding hot contents in the polystyrene insulating cups that do their job a little too well, resulting in an unreasonable waiting time for the liquid to reach an acceptable drinking temperature. Duly discarded.

A chance for redemption sitting in for a cuppa, there’s a massive menu to choose from. Vanilla (not the ice cream, just normal) and infused teas, herbs and flowers flavour the just under boiling hot water that come in cute, mini hybrids of teapots and jugs. Sip away at your own pace. A much better experience when you’ve got time to relax and enjoy.

Where? Near Corner of Liverpool and George Street, Sydney, NSW

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