Thursday, 13 March 2008

Australian Heritage Hotel

The grand mac daddy of pubs in the Rocks, the Australian Heritage Hotel bursts tradition at the seams of its size 6 skinny leg jeans. Typically old school on the inside, stained wood stylings dominate the interior, whilst the alfresco dining has its own charm in the wicker chairs and achingly community long table tops. Not sure if the hoity toity back in the day had such a grand selection of both food and drink, whereby you don’t have to leave the state to sample some of this country’s fine selection of malty, yeasty liquids. Renowned also for hearty pizzas, motherly generous in their toppings as if nuturing a 6 year old growing young blighter. Tandoori Chicken was a tad dry but has a decent peppery, charred taste, saved by a wetness provided by a squeeze of lemon and mint yoghurt. Moroccan Lamb perched atop the soft doughy base is no match for the tenderness of a tarjine cooked meal, but completed by roasted pumpkin, tomato, cous cous and goat’s cheese. C&C Music Factory worthy, Things that make you go Hmmmm, roast duck topped with mushrooms, Spanish onion, sliced spring onion, sesame seeds and a thick, sweet plum sauce. Delightful… Newton himself couldn’t have calculated a perfect topping to base ratio. Doubt this will become a skinny leg trendy brigade favourite, for the rest of us, it’s more than a bit of alright.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? 100 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, NSW
What? Large Pizzas $20

Left to Right : Tandoori Chicken, Moroccan Lamb, Roasted Duck

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