Tuesday, 11 March 2008


You’re on a hike in the Dandenongs, or the Blue Mountains. On the path… it’s safe, you see everything ahead. However, to the side, bare skin wading in the stream below. It captures your attention, crazy frog ringtone styles. It’s a route of danger… do you traverse down the slope to satisfy the curiosity or do you stay on the straight and narrow? Little Collins Street is the scene, Pushka is the destination. Tucked away around the corner of a graffitied alley way, an interesting watering hole away from the glitz that is one of the CBD’s fashion strips. Rustic, homely, grudgy, the perfect calm and a place to rest those sore feet from the shopping I’m sure the missas has been draggin your sorry ass around. Just remember this little place off the path… go ahead, take candy from the stranger and venture to find this coffee haven.

Where? 20 Pesgrave Place, Melbourne, VIC

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