Tuesday, 18 March 2008

bills – Woollahra

HG Nelson, an Aussie media icon, well known for his outrageous rants in a distinctly refined ocker accent. Along with Roy, the dynamic duo made a powerful combination in “The Dream” and “the sporting life”. One thing that will resonate in all of us I’m sure is their comedic commentary of our great sporting events such as the AFL & NRL Grand Finals and Origin matches. Nothing like taking the piss. A highlight… when Braith Anasta is mentioned in any breath, HG accelerates from 0 to 200 dB in volume and anger and screams hysterically “OVERRATED”. The power, the intensity. Bet it makes most people chuckle. It might not be true now that he’s shown his worth since his controversial switch from the Bulldogs to eastside rivals Roosters… though bills, for me, has not shaken off this tag.

The 2 of the 3 glamour cafes/restaurants are situated in gorgeous locations. Darlinghurst, has an open, summery vibe that feels like a good mate’s lazy Sunday beach house, Woollahra has the charm of an outdoor courtyard. Surry Hills feels like a conveniently placed Coke machine… a commercial opportunity. The staff are fantastic, keeping the feel casual, though one can’t help but feel a bit stuffy by the crowd that’s willing to pay exorbitant, though typically Sydney prices for the fare here. I smell Hugos or Ivy, a place to be seen, an “oooooo look at me, I’m at a “trendy” place”. Enough bitch slappin.

Two things that the masses seem to rave on about and what is always consumed if ever the objections for another choice of venue falls on deaf ears. Sweetcorn fritters are pretty good, bound together with beaten eggs, sandwiching lush spinach leaves and a salty rasher of bacon, sided by fresh roasted tomatoes. Admittedly, they are done about as perfectly as they can be. Now unless there’s coke (by that I mean the addictive black stuff) in the fluffy ricotta pancakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter, I don’t get what the hype is about. If this place became famous as a result of this dish, then I’m surprised the Big Mac special sauce isn’t also part of the fabled Sydney food “must do” circuit. After also needing to dip into the lunch and dinner funds, the Golden Arches might be the only place to dine for a while…

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where Shop 5, 118 Queen St, Woollahra, NSW
What? Mains $17+

Left to Right : Sweetcorn Fritters, Ricotta Pancakes

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