Tuesday, 11 March 2008


The place is so disgustingly cute it makes Elmo look like a red drowning deformed rat with three bug eyes and webbed feet. More rustic than Phillippousis’ tennis form, it feels like a place from a bygone Italian era. Three wooden booths seat the hungry, share them with strangers, the communal spirit. Behind the bench are the masters of the Italian flatbread. The simplicity is iPod profound. How does a combination of mere flour, oil, salt and water, like it’s white plastic encased counterpart impart so much pleasure? Grill flat this mixture and throw in prosciutto, slow roasted tomato, Fontana cheese, leek and fresh rocket, fold over and one is presented with what should be lunchtime’s next flavour sensation. Simple. Cue "are you gonna be my girl" and dance like a silhouette.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 57 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC
What? Piadina - $10, Slowfood - $15

Left to Right : Piadina with Proscuitto

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