Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bar Fino

Given the GFC (global financial crisis), paying extra might not be the best idea. But it is completely justifiable, especially if you enjoy a good brew. Using a Campos blend, it is the finest muddy cup in the area. Okay, so the place might appear a little snooty, but that’s because it is new and what you have to do to fit in with the Chanels and the Zegnas of the MLC. Boycott this place at your own detriment.

Where? MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney, NSW

1 comment:

ally said...

the most amazing coffee in all of sydney, no doubt. using triple portafilter baskets and grinding to order, you're bound to get your coffee experience here, with personality on the side, the baristas here live and breathe espresso, and will recommend for the adventurous; a double ristretto using the weeks current single origin specialty bean!

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