Monday, 11 May 2009

Won Jo Korean Restaurant

I didn’t know the NSW Galleries had an off campus display in Strathfield. In the heart of K-Town, a massive wall country mural, with a few more framed paintings hanging proudly throughout the restaurant. The owner might be a bit of an art buff. These are pieces not the only thing that catches the eye. If you’re not used to conventional table and chairs, you can always take a seat on the substitute pine at the high tables.

Orders come out quickly. Unconventional bulgogi, beef, sliced glutinous rice cake, spring onion, enoki, comes in a stewing stone pot on heat. Obviously soupy wet, it’s a bit like Gatorade, a watered down cordial. I much prefer the dry, stir fried version on sizzling plate. Also unconventional, though probably due to the ordering, the bibimbap comes with the usual beef mince, julienned cucumber, carrot, beanshoots mushroom, sunny side egg and chilli sauce however served in a sterile stainless steal mixing bowl. Again much prefer the dolsot (excuse my Korean) version, hotpot style so the rice gets a nice char. Japchae, strands of translucent noodles with a sweet sauce, very nice. Pieces of chicken, deep fried in a batter that might infringe on the Zinger burger patty’s copyright, is not as potent as the KFC product but has a good peppery salty taste.

Can’t say Won Jo would be frame worthy in my house of restaurants. But for a place that blends art with food, it’s not half bad.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 33A The Boulevarde, Strathfield, NSW

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