Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Young Alfred

There’s an upmarket class yet casualness to the Young Alfred. Being located at the beautiful Customs House and with the backdrop of its library demands it. Despite the history attached, the menu looks forward, with a fresh, modern take on Italian. Salads might have funky oyster mushrooms, pesto, watercress, ocean trout, octopus or walnuts that will interest the rabbit food lovers. Blockbuster pasta types of spaghetti and papardelle come with a few simple ingredients but tasty.

Pizzas bestowed with fun names such as Little Sister, Robik, Bill Cosby and Ping Pong, give no insight to what the actual toppings are. For something meatier, there’s always a selection of fish, cow, chicken or baby animal to sink the teeth into. Like a lemon car, it all works, especially the first experience. Pasta cooked to a nice el dente, salmon and tomato nicely seasoned to bring out the natural flavours. With age, the second visit disappointed, osso bucco normally hearty with a thick, zesty tomato taste was soulless and watery. Hopefully just an off night, or else the Young Alfred will quickly become old.

2 / 5 yums!
Where? 31 Alfred St, Sydney, NSW

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