Thursday, 14 May 2009


“Put your hands up… put your hands up… put your hands up for Detriot, I LOVE THIS CITY!” And I love that song. Damn it’s catchy. I was hoping to hear it at this club called Zachery’s. Too bad that Zachery’s wasn’t a club at all, but a bar. A gourmet pizza bar to be exact. So I kind of looked a bit goofy when I rocked up with glow sticks and my hands pumping in an “OH YEAH” manner. Speaking of lighting, the bar area is very sleek with a deep red glow. Vines usually reserved for dodgy Chinese restaurants wrapped around the pillars in the room of big communal tables, with an outdoor area for those who want to share air with potential lung cancer recipients.

Groovy lounge tunes play but get drowned out on a noisy Saturday night, the room filled chat and the sound of food being chomped down by a famished herd. True Italians will take issue, the pizzas are of a modern kind, with Tandoori, Cajun, Chicken with Spanish onion, sun-dried tomato with pine nuts, Mexican beef, ham, salami and bbq sauce some of the flavours from the Gourmet lot, interesting Sweet Greek of prosciutto, pear, rocket and fetta, Posh with chicken breast, Spanish onion, avocado, brie and cranberry amongst the Deluxe.

Zachery’s, for a bar, does pretty good pizza. Wait, I mean for a pizza place, it has a pretty good bar. Alright I’m just confused. Just get rid of those damn LCDs.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? 28-30 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross, NSW
What? Large Pizzas $20, $22, $24

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