Monday, 8 June 2009


Likened to a 70s coffee lounge, I’d add that the girly purple wallpaper and cream coloured skirtings has the feel of your sister’s bedroom back in the day. The décor may need some updating, but not the food of Korean origins. It’s rad and hardly surprising that a wait for a table is required and seemingly one of the more popular places in Country Korea Strathfield.

Kim Chi pancake gets you started, a good level of heat and a balance between firmness and sponge. Bring your sweat towel for the dumplings, deep fried parcels of meat, smothered in a thick sesame sweet yet hot chilli mixture. Pork bulgogi sizzling hot plate continues the perspiration. For those wanting to avoid the hot flavour, slippery Jap chae noodles, a stir fry of beef, mushrooms, carrot, onion and spring onion and the beef bulgogi as good as you’d get anywhere.

So CeCi might look like a little old and a fashion tragic, but if you haven’t been or heard about this place, it’ll be your restaurant list that needs updating.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 37 The Boulevarde, Strathfield, NSW
What? Dishes under $12

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