Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Element Bistro

Having problems snuggling up to your girlfriend or boyfriend on a cold winter night? Is affection an issue in your relationship? Suffering neglect from your partner? If intimacy is what you’re after, Element Bistro has it by the truckload.

Its charm is irrepressible, off white coloured walls perfect for the display of black and white photography, contrasting the dark chocolate wood stained tables, chairs and cushioned bench. Mood lighting and candles makes the place feel very cosy. Simple, yet so French.

Speaking of the French, they sure know how to do streak and fries. A quality piece of sirloin, is seared, cooked perfectly to a pinkish medium rare and melts in the mouth. Tangy, heavy on the dijon Café De Paris butter oozes on the meat, the jus soaking the thinly cut spuds deep fried to a crisp without residual oil. Very polished. Whole fish masterfully cooked and uncomplicated letting the natural flavour of the flesh speak.

Though the staff probably won’t lend an ear or shoulder to cry on to solve your intimacy issues, the chef’s expertise, surrounds and the fare will provide all the love you need.

4 / 5 yums!
Where? 163 King St, Sydney, NSW
What? Mains $30

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