Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Gigibaba for lovers of Turkish food is like Zac Efron for the ladies. Everyone just wants a piece. Too bad you can’t book online for “17 Again” and stroll up on the red carpet to the ticket window like you would at Village so line up like everyone else.

There is a glorious simplicity to most of the dishes that are deliciously awesome served up on fine crockery probably obtained from wealthy, elderly, noble, English aristocrats. These antiques are stark contrast to the sleek interior design, a white marble bar dominates, a liquidation sale rug forms the back feature wall, wires connecting the bulbous globes thrown around like streamers celebrating Turkey’s 3rd place at the World Cup.

The food will have you jumping for joy too. A combination of prawns and eggplant flavoured with capsicum butter and topped with yoghurt makes you wish you got the four instead of two but it is pricey. The oregano and sea salt rub into the lamb cutlets transcends any sheep I’ve eaten, the spices a standout against a back drop of the perfectly cooked, earthy flavour of the meat. Baklava high quality as you’d expect following the mains, but the interesting prunes stuffed in walnuts soaked in cassis, with cream and garnished with shaved chocolate an unexpected pleasure.

Ah Gigibaba, such is the charm. Speaking of charm, maybe a date with Zac could be your ticket to bypass the queue. It might not have the legions of screaming fans outside but you’ll be screaming on the inside once you get a taste of Gigibaba.

4.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 102 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC
What? Dishes $8 - $18

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