Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Jungle Juice Bar

In the unlikely event that your friend suffers from anthropophobia, claustrophobia and phagophobia of things that are rings, then Jungle Juice Bar is not the place you should suggest for a lunch date.

A grundgy cool shoebox in Centre Place that’s underneath Hell’s Kitchen, you get the feeling that suits should make way for skinny jeans, chequered fitted collared shirts, thick rim glasses and retro Nike Ball shoes. Roller shutters might not be so friendly but getting friendly is something you’ll certainly have to deal with if you want to eat inside. Least you’ll all have something in common… it’s the love of the bagel that brings people here. One bite will explain why there’s only a hair width between seats and tables to accommodate the crowd clambering for the boiled then baked rings of wheat that sandwich various yummy toppings giving the humble bread Paris status.

Borek Bagel is a Turkish spiced beef mince, sautéed onions, a bit of chopped parsley, a slice of tomato, rocket, topped with a minted yoghurt and roasted pine nuts for a bit of crunch. It’s as good as it sounds. Which is very good. Bagel Burger is something for real men, a homemade pattie struggles to be contained within the boundaries of the ring, a slice of fried bacon for extra protein, melted cheese, tomato and rocket for fresh balance with a nice relish and Jungle mayo.

It would be very unlikely to have a friend with such a strange combination of fears. But if you did these bagels are quality enough to lose certain lunch friends over.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 20 Centre Pl, Melbourne, VIC
What? Under $10

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