Thursday, 5 November 2009

Samurai Rice Burgers

Sushi burgers aren’t a new thing but they seemed to have captured the curiosity of the predominately Asian crowd of Box Hill. In a food court full of run of the mill Aussie Chinese and Canto options, Samurai Rice Burgers sticks out like a pair of runners worn with a suit.

As the name suggests, cooked white grains are packed and molded into mounds that resemble bun halves. In between, there’s an assortment of Japanese fillings from ebi tempura to teriyaki chicken or unagi then wrapped in a sheet of nori. Katsu curry is a great combo that is let down by a rather fatty chicken cutlet that leaves you questioning where the meat is and curry more being sweetly mild without any impact.

What is very likeable is the meal deals that along with the burger come with your choice of fries, wedges or chicken kaarage. Meat burger with a side of meat, that’s a winner.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? Box Hill Central Food Court, 17 Market Street, Box Hill, VIC
What? Under $10


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

The burger is very nice.

My favorite one is Gyu Burger (beef), I like to add spicy sauce with it.

It's very juicy with lots of favors but the rice wouldn't break up.

The trick is you will have to grab the burger with both hands and open it as you eat so you can enjoy it until the last bite without any messy :)

Unknown said...

Tori Teriyaki burger (chicken) is yummy and easy to eat.

It's chicken Maryland in tasty teriyaki sauce and top with sesame.

For me it's very great idea to make Japanese food in easy way to eat. I can just grab it and eat on the train. Quick, easy and healthy than fast food.

They also offer combo like $3.50 extra from the burger which we can choose a can of drink or miso soup, and a side of your choice (chips, wedges or crispy chicken). Very delicious and very filling :)

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