Thursday, 24 September 2009

Just Fine Foods

Take your ringside seats, the main event is about to start. As one clever food reporter stated, it’s the thriller in vanilla.

Putting the country spark in a sleepy surf town, Just Fine Foods is the destination in Sorrento for THAT famous vanilla slice. There’s a gourmet deli feel with the lit cabinets displaying a bevy of cheeses, pates, savouries and sweets so the expectations are heightened in anticipation of that much talked about dessert.

Between two sheets of pastry, dusted with icing sugar, the off white cream is something you’ll want to lather yourself with. Seeing as you’ll need a large enough tub for this you’ll just have to cradle the vanilla molten gold in the mouth. Don’t be afraid of the ginormous rectangular slab, it’s not overly sweet and something you could eat plenty of.

For me, despite doing everything right, it’s probably just not sweet enough to deliver a knockout punch. And not enough for me to pull my crouch (R.I.P MJ).

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 23 Ocean Rd, Sorrento, VIC
What? Slice $7.50

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