Thursday, 10 September 2009

Red Silks Restaurant & Bar

“What is this music!?” an exasperated T asked, clearly agitated by background noise. To the untrained gwei-lo ear, it’s the pansy emo soft Canto pop love songs that understandably could be pretty irritating. But it does have touches that could impress a first date, the dim lighting that highlights a cool feature of lit up branches and lanterns.

The Honkie touch is also evident in the food. Not a good thing. So often with these Asian cafes that take a slice from other nations, it’s cheap and cheerful but lesser versions of the original. An open kitchen not the best idea if you’re going to simply reheat the wontons in the microwave instead of the broth and noodles its served in. Combination crispy fried noodles ok, char kway teow lacked char and also heavy handed on the oil. Same issue with the crispy chicken ribs, the batter not drained properly.

Evidently, the soundtrack isn’t the only problem for Red Silks. Least there’s a lesson learnt: not a place you should take a first date.

1.5 / 5 yums!
Where? Floor 1, 200 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC
What? Around $10

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