Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Las Chicas Café

Bikini Blowout Benedict aka BBB is Las Chicas’ Quad Stacker. It just eggs you on to demolish it and then laugh in the face of a weak challenger. And eggs is exactly what you’ll get, two poached round, a thick yolky yellow hollandaise sauce perched on halved toasted bagel spread with avocado, fried bacon. The components good but the sauce lacks a tangy lemon edge that could have raised this popular choice to another level. Eggs and bacon roll gets the Las Chicas treatment sticking it in between toasted pide with rocket along and the same creamy hollandaise.

Having one BBB won’t threaten the scales too much or your figure to fit that Seafolly but it is a heavy kind of dish. You certainly won’t be regretting it half as much as eating four beef patties. If it’s not appealing, there are plenty of vegetarian and non vegetarian options, like a shallot omelette with a Japanese style dipping sauce, bean brekky and polenta loaf, pancakes, smoked salmon bruschetta and big brekky to name a few.

With a very smooth coffee brew and the arty hip of Smith Street it’s not hard to see why it’s a Balaclava favourite. The BBB survived, now for quad eggs to make it a real challenge.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? 203 Carlisle Street, Balaclava, VIC
What? Around $15

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