Thursday, 3 September 2009

Maiwand Supermarket

I wouldn’t know where to go if I had to buy groceries for an Afghan family. But now I do and it seems you can get it all at Maiwand Supermarket, part of the Afghan Bazaar that is Thomas Street in Dandy. Get all the sauces, cans, rice, nuts and spices you could ever need for an Afghan feast. But it’s the sweets that I’ll probably come back here for, with their small range of pastry sweets, including the very pistachio nutty baklava, ladyfingers and bird’s nest soaked in a sickly sweet honey syrup.

Where? 260-262 Thomas St, Dandenong, VIC

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Foodie said...

Khorasan near the market is also good. There's a Melbourne Food & Wine Festival event on at Dandy Market this Sunday - Afghan Spice Banquet. Can't wait for mantu dumplings!

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